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Born The 60s
Current location Birmingham, UK
Employment Company director
Interests My family, home cinema & movies, rock music & playing drums, radio controlled model aircraft, motorcycling, WWII history

If I were to sum up my personality, I would describe my character as that of a stereotypical rock drummer. Even though I'm not one any more. Imagine Animal from the muppets who has retired to program computers!

I like movies and music LOUD. I'm too impatient to enjoy driving in today's traffic. Although now kids are on the scene, my domestication is illustrated by the sale of my Fireblade to buy a new kitchen some years ago.

I'm quite insensitive and too often speak my mind, which has landed me in trouble on more than one occasion. But at least people do know that I am always being honest with them. If I had been voted anything at school, it should have been person least likely to be a diplomat.

Which is odd since I run one of the UK's largest internet communities. I'm lucky to have a job which I love.

Here's a video I transferred from VHS in 2009 of Big Chill. It's a video for our song Skin Deep which our manager, John Wilford made. I'm on drums. I was in my mid 20's. Seems like an age ago.


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